Top 6 Wedding Venues Sligo, Ireland

I have always been in love with Sligo. The quiet county with its sleeping villages, snow-clad mountains, deep lakes, and majestic castles has left an indelible mark on my mind. As I grew up, my love for Sligo increased. I spent my days photographing its town squares, serene woods, and long beaches. Naturally, when I became a wedding photographer, I based myself in Sligo. Firstly, I didn’t want to leave it, and secondly, I knew the county so well that I could suggest to my clients the best wedding venues Sligo, according to their preference. 

Weddings in Sligo

Photographing weddings in Sligo is an overwhelming experience. Through my lenses, I rediscovered the wonders of the county. The famous beaches and waterfalls which I have been visiting since I came to Ireland appeared novel to me. I realized why foreign couples wanted to have a Sligo wedding

Sligo has always been the most favorite wedding venue for Irish people for its unique attractions. Where would you find royal castles, gigantic Georgian manors, white beaches, and splendid meadows creating stunning backdrops of wedding albums? Of course, there is much more to Sligo than the known tourist spots that home-grown wedding photographers like me are aware of.

So, whenever any client approaches me, I get into a detailed discussion on the type of wedding venue they like. Whether you love royal mansions, parklands, old farmhouses, or beaches, Sligo has an assortment of wedding venues to suit your choice. You can have the most spectacular castle or a romantic outdoor wedding in Sligo. 

How to choose a wedding venue in Sligo

Well, this is the toughest part of planning a wedding, because Sligo offers so many choices that it is hard to pick a wedding location. When it comes to suggesting a wedding venue, we are spoilt in Sligo. With the most amazing physical features and rich architectural history, it is tough to make a choice.

If you desire a private and romantic wedding, Strandhill and Rosses Point Beach offer spectacular options. 

Strandhill is a small village with local cafes and eateries that offers a quaint holiday experience. Add to that the sea that offers mind-blowing surfing opportunities. A walk down the beach, hand in hand, after the wedding, and enjoying the sea and surf is the best way to immortalize your wedding vows. For romantic couples, the evening is the perfect time to stroll on the beach and take stunning photos against the glorious sunset.

Rosses Point is another favorite beach with couples. Known for its scenic beauty and serenity, Rosses Point unfurls in new avatars every time I shoot a wedding album there.

The rolling beach, its blue waters, and the islands make Rosses Point one of the most photographed beaches in Sligo. If you are looking for small wedding venues Sligo, the beaches and hotels are the ideal places.

Ruggedness makes Sligo more appealing. As a photographer, I have always been captivated by its rugged beauty. Rosses Point is one such village where fantastic views of the sea blend with the wilderness of the Dartry Mountains to give every photo a stunning appeal.

I also use the lighthouses that dot the beach as the backdrop of romantic wedding snaps. The towering cliffs and the clear blue sky make every wedding photo dramatic.

Do castles enamor you? Have you always wanted to tie the knot in a royal environment steeped with history? A castle wedding in Sligo will surpass all your expectations if you want a fairy-tale wedding.

The grand fireplaces, rich rugs, old portraits, and wooden furniture ensure the castles retain their old-world charm. These castles maintain a high standard of service, and your guests would have a great time enjoying Irish hospitality.

Best wedding venues in Sligo

I have shot wedding albums in some of the best wedding venues Sligo, Ireland. Let me introduce you to some of these remarkable wedding locations so that the task of choosing your wedding venue would become easy for you. For your convenience, I have split them into categories to help you to narrow down your search.

Sligo castles for wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and hence, most people dream of celebrating it on a grand scale. If you want to wow your guests and wish them to have an unforgettable wedding experience, treat them to a castle Sligo wedding. While there are several castles in Sligo that are well-known for hosting grand weddings, as a wedding photographer, I have my own favorites. So, I am mentioning the ones here where I have shot weddings and can personally vouch for their views, services, and appeal.

  1. Castle Dargan

Old stone walls and ruins of ancient castles make this castle the best place to imbibe Irish history. The massive 170-acre parkland set against rolling hills and woodlands has countless photographic spots. 

History and modernism merge in Castle Dargan to create a unique experience for the couples and their guests. The timeless romance and elegance of this 18th-century castle would blow your mind. From the Couch House Lounge to the Ormsby Room, every nook and corner of this grand mansion is steeped in history. Imagine the grand piano playing a romantic tune as you take your wedding vows below the vaulted ceiling of the wedding room. 

To make your wedding lavish, Castle Dargan offers a royal suite for newlywed couples. Get intimate as you enjoy the fabulous views of the parklands and the golf course.

Yes, Castle Dargan has a golf course with 18 spectacular holes designed by the legendary British Open winner Darren Clarke. So, if you love golf or your guests want to hone their skills in putting, Castle Dargan would be the perfect place for a memorable wedding. With a bar, practice green, golf shop, driving range, and brilliant views of the brooks and ruins, you would have the most relaxing and romantic wedding at Castle Dargan.

Every time I visit Castle Dargan, I am flooded with emotions. I have documented several weddings here and treasure those experiences. For dream weddings whose mainstay is opulence and romantic history, I prefer to take photos inside the Castle Dargan House. The surrounding pathways and golf course are superb for after-wedding photoshoots. In summer, when the climate is perfect for outdoor weddings, we use natural light to take excellent candid shots. As a photographer, I love to take romantic photos of the couple around the parklands, near the lakes, and against the old walls of the castle.

I shot the wedding album of Rahul and Bhawana in Castle Dargan, and it is one of my most loved albums.

One of the favorites of celebrated poet Yeats, Castle Dargan is located near the town of Sligo and is quite easily accessible. With its 4-star hotel accommodation, a world-class spa, catering services, and a dedicated staff, your wedding in Castle Dargan would be a memorable one.

Of course, I would be there as your wedding photographer, capturing all the emotional moments of the day with my camera. I would take you to the most picturesque spots on the premises where you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the mansion and its adjoining areas. When you get lost in each other’s arms or seal the wedding with the most passionate kiss, trust me to imprison those valuable moments to be shared again and again through your wedding album.

You can see below some of my weddings in Castle Dargan:

2. Temple House

If you want an authentic Sligo wedding, choose Temple House. It is one of my dearest venues for relaxed weddings where couples can enjoy their privacy and yet have a lavish wedding along with their guests. 

For the Irish and people of Sligo, Temple House doesn’t require any introduction. This Georgian manor house has a rich history that dates back to the 12th century. Today, it is one of the most famed wedding venues Sligo. Set inside a 1000-acre private estate, overlooking the 13th century-old castle of the Knights Templar, and surrounded by woodlands, Temple House offers ethereal views.

Temple House is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings. If you want an outdoor wedding, you can choose pleasant locations like the meadows beside the lake or the terraced garden that is a prime attraction of this place.

For indoor weddings, you have the magnificent billiard room with a huge skylight, and the reception room, perfect to host small and big weddings. With luxurious accommodation for your guests and a premier suite for the newlyweds, Temple House weddings are intimate, unique, and romantic.

I have covered several weddings in Temple House, like the outdoor wedding of Michelle and Richard. With the gorgeous interiors and breathtaking grounds, it is a pleasure to film weddings here. During summer, the woody parks look so bright and beautiful that we don’t have to use any artificial light. We use the big trees and the lake as background to capture the couples taking their wedding vows. The brides and grooms usually get ready in the cottages that are also very picturesque.

Inside the house, there are so many spots to take group photos or portraits of the couple. The staircase, ornately decorated rooms, cozy sofas, and windows give us plenty of opportunities to compose unique wedding photos.

With its home-like feeling, Temple House makes every wedding warm, intimate, and distinct.

You can see below some of my weddings in Temple House:

3. Markree Castle

Another eminent Sligo castle wedding venue is the Markree Castle. It is a gothic-style castle, built in the 17th century, set in 500-acre grounds that offer luxury wedding experiences. It can accommodate more than 200 wedding guests.

It takes only a view of the towering castle to steal your heart. The moment you step inside the premises, historic splendor would blow your mind. The luxurious period furniture and furnishings would give a royal touch to your wedding photos.

The Grand Hall, with its fireplace, is the prime attraction of the castle. The castle has been renovated to offer modern amenities to the guests while preserving the old-world charm. You would love to dine in the inter-linked dining rooms that offer beautiful views of the estate.

Markree Castle is known for its outdoor views. I love to take photos of the wedding couple against the imposing building. The corbelled chimney stacks, cast-iron downpipes, octagonal turrets, and parapet walls always intrigue me to take snaps of the mansion from different angles.

For outdoor weddings also this is the right place. The woody meadows and flower beds create a vibrant backdrop for wedding snaps. The river Unshin flowing through the estate enhances its natural beauty. Bridesmaids love this spot to take group photos along with the couple.

I remember shooting Paige and David’s wedding at this castle. Like a fairy tale, that wedding unfolded before my eyes, and I didn’t miss any frame that appealed to my senses. David was from Sligo and was well-aware of the myths related to this place. He wanted a lavish wedding that his friends and relatives from the USA would remember and chose Markree Castle for his Sligo wedding.

The castle retains its historic features as the owners wanted to give its guests a taste of Irish royalty. Some of the services have been modernized to ensure the comfort of the guests. Markree Castle offers a relaxed experience away from the hustle of the modern world.

For grandiose weddings, this is the ideal wedding venue Sligo. Every moment of your wedding would be magical here, and I would document all of them in your wedding album so that you can relive them whenever your heart desires.

You can see below some of my weddings in Markree Castle:

 Sligo wedding hotels

People who want hassle-free weddings choose hotels as wedding venues. With all state-of-the-art services, the hotels in Sligo offer the best services to make your wedding a cherishing experience. If you are looking for such a hotel in Sligo, you will find a lot that fits your bill. Sligo has some of the finest hotels and resorts that are perfect for hosting lavish weddings, and Sligo Park Hotel is one of these.

4. Sligo Park Hotel

Located on the edge of Sligo town and on the famed Wild Atlantic Way, Sligo Park Hotel is one of the gems of Sligo County. Along with Wild Atlantic Way, Benbulben, and Lough Gill add to the scenic beauty of the hotel. 

Your dream wedding would get a real shape in Sligo Park Hotel. If you are planning a big wedding, the Sligo Park Suite is the best fit. It can cater to 350 guests. The airy and spacious room is intricately adorned to make the wedding photographs look striking.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Mespil Suite is one of the best small wedding venues Sligo. It can host up to 80 guests, and you can enjoy an intimate wedding with your close friends.

With different packages that include catering, decoration, and other services, your wedding at this venue would be stress-free.

Ustane and Michael tied their knot in this hotel as they are from the same county. Being their wedding photographer, I had the chance to craft their musical wedding album. I always relive the experience whenever I visit Sligo Park Hotel.

You can see below some of my weddings in Sligo Park Hotel:

5. Radisson Blue Hotel

Located near Rosses Point, Radisson Blue Hotel is the pride of Sligo. The majestic views of Sligo Bay and the surrounding mountains make it a popular romantic gateway spot for couples. It is also one of the most eminent Sligo wedding hotels.

The 132 rooms and suites of this 4-star property make it ideal for hosting grand weddings. The restaurant offers Irish food prepared from freshly acquired produce. Enjoy Irish beef and fresh seafood at the restaurant. Your guests can enjoy their favorite drinks at the bar along with tasty snacks. It is suitable for couples who want a laidback wedding amidst the natural setting.

I have shot several wedding albums here and know the place thoroughly. I always suggest this hotel to clients who are looking for exclusive locations near the city.

You can see below some of my weddings in Radisson Blue Hotel:

6. Clayton Hotel

It’s hard to imagine that a paradise called Clayton Hotel exists so close to the Town Center. The hotel is set against the stately Benbulben Mountain with grounds that would make you want to stay outdoor the whole day. The appeal of Clayton Hotel is unparalleled that makes couples choose it as their Sligo wedding venue.

The hotel boasts a spa, swimming pool, fitness studio, and restaurant. Along with the guests, you can relax at the spa, get a massage, or enjoy your evening drink by the poolside. Have a laidback weekend wedding at this premier hotel in Sligo and immerse yourself in Irish luxury.

The hotel has 162 rooms which are sufficient to host large wedding parties. The staff is cordial and well-equipped to offer excellent personalized service.

I shot the wedding of Keelan and Carly in this venue and was moved by its beauty. Simple yet elegant, the hotel looks impressive with its white stone walls. Usually, after the wedding, couples head to nearby locations to take photos. The surroundings of the hotel are very enchanting and ideal for outdoor photography.

To me, Sligo is the best place in the world. I love my county and would continue to showcase its beauty to the rest of the world. Come and discover the hidden treasures of Sligo through my camera.

You can see below some of my weddings in Clayton Hotel:

Photographer for your wedding in Sligo

I hope that my post about the best wedding venues in Sligo will help you find this dream wedding place. You have such a large selection of wedding venues: from intimate restaurants, through wedding hotels to castles. I recommend myself as a wedding photographer to capture your amazing wedding in Sligo.