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Hi, my name is Pawel Szustak and I am wedding photographer. If you are looking for wedding photographer for your great day in Co. Galway you are in correct place. County Galway has many great wedding venues for you. Some ones are very old and stylish like: Glenlo Abbey Hotel, Connemara Coast Hotel, Clayton Hotel, Old Ground Hotel, The Inn at Dromoland and more modern looking like: The G Hotel, Alcock & Brown Hotel, The Galmont Hotel, Cashel House Hotel, Clifden Station House.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Your Wedding Photographer in Galway

Unarguably, the selection of the best wedding photographer Galway is the key to make the big day of your life ever memorable. Not only will these photographs help keep the memorable moments of your wedding ceremony ever-animate and touchable but they will be cherished through generations to come while leaving a milestone in your family history. 

When it comes to wedding photographers, these days, most couples consider it as a special part of the celebration party and do their homework at least nine to ten months or even a year before their marriage day to book the venue as well as wedding photographers Galway since best photographers are highly demanding in the market. 

Are you wondering how to go about it? Well, don’t worry! Continue reading the expert guideline highlighting the most essential factors that you should consider with diligence while choosing the desired photographer whom you are looking for. 

Glenlo Abbey Hotel wedding pullman restaurant
Glenlo Abbey Hotel

Decide the Style – Photojournalistic or Traditional

Compared to traditional photography, the new generation prefers to go with photojournalistic aka candid wedding photographs to uphold true-to-life memories of the wedding day or in a unique blend of candid and traditional photographs. 

If you’re not well-familiar with these terms, – just understand that photojournalistic photo images are captured devoid of staging a sequence or alerting you that your picture is being taken. This is the essence of candid photos that bring in the realism and natural hue of the newly wedded couple while presenting unpretentious, deepest emotions and expressions of your genuine romantic feelings of certain moments. 

What makes best wedding photographers Galway unique is with an unobtrusive approach they capture these unprompted moments of the ceremony while staying out of the way or not being a disruption to you or your guests. This is all about anticipating the unexpected glimpses of wedding images based on which the photographer can write an emotional love story of your wedding day through photo images. Needless to say, this requires the great influence of the professional on his anticipation, creativity, promptness, and control over exposure settings on cameras in a fraction of seconds.  

On the contrary, you must be aware of the traditional style of wedding photography, whereas couples and their relatives share their opinions and the photographer recommends the setting before capturing the snapshot enabling everybody to come with their best poses. Traditional style photos are also important that are typically pre-planned, posed, and captured as group shots of couples especially in the sequences of first kissing of the wedded couples, cutting of the cake, or exchanging of wedding rings which becomes timeless treasures in your photo album. Notably, outfitted with a professional specializing in candid wedding photography Galway, you don’t have to worry about having classic traditional photos.

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galway wedding photographer

Only small suggestion and ideas from my side, I don’t want to be your director 🙂

Use Best Sources – check recommended wedding photographer in Galway

Once you settle on the style of photography of your desire, the way of choosing a suitable professional becomes easier. And, to reach your goal the first thing you need to do is – thorough research. 

Although getting referrals from reliable friends, relations, office associates who got recently married and hired professional photographers is a valued source, considering the personal preference of you and your fiancé, I would recommend you to reap the opportunity of the gigantic web world and get through its rich resources to get to your most preferred photographer.

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wedding photographers Galway

Check Web Presence 

How do you usually start looking for a good photographer for a wedding in Galway? You probably ask your friends, then search Google and Facebook. All these sources are good, but you probably still find your way to the search engine and enter various terms: wedding photographers Galway, wedding photographer Galway or best wedding photographers Galway.

It’s worth searching through all the available options. A referral from friends may be helpful, but it’s a good idea to double-check your wedding photographer’s work. Check a photographer you consider does he show entire wedding from getting ready until first dance. Some wedding photographers shows only best photos from all wedding day and you don’t know how your photos will look like as full wedding story.

Even if you use referrals, make sure that those professionals have a notable presence on the web including on the major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Not only being on the web does display the status of a company or professional but helps their customers to know in detail about them and accordingly help make a choice. 

Background and Portfolio 

Accordingly, once you take Google’s help and search with the specific keyword – best wedding photographers Galway, it will revert you with a list of the top class websites of photographers specializing in wedding photography. Keep your research limited within the first page preferably with the optimized ones. 

Now go through the sites one after another and apart from knowing the background of the expert – never forget to enter into the most vital and suggestive portfolio page that typically displays the creative works that they have accomplished so far. 

Given that, you’re aiming to hire a specialized photojournalistic photographer, reviewing each snapshot with diligence will help you gain an insight into the creativity, sense of humor, and quickness of thinking of the professional that eventually talks about the visual narrative of the wedding day. Make sure if the professional has the expertise to create loves stories of newly wedded couples and depict narratives of their great romantic day composed with the most mind-boggling photojournalistic photographs that you have ever seen.

Contact Your Shortlisted Photographers in Galway  

The next step is to contact 2-3 professionals whom you have shortlisted via the contact page that they should include on their websites. Give your details and explain the kind of wedding photography Galway services you are looking for, the venue, date of your marriage, marriage custom (special if any) ask the following questions:

  • Their availability on the specific day or days (whereas your marriage ritual is likely to continue for 2-3 days); 
  • Package price, payment terms, right on your photography and other conditions;
  • Client references with details of contact number;

Keep in mind, how quickly they respond and the style of replying to your mail affirms a lot about their professionalism. 

Arrange for Personal Interviewing

Having an in-person discussion across the table is essential before settling on the most preferred wedding photographer. Thereby, complete your groundwork and jot down the sorts of questions you will bring during the face-to-face meeting.  

  • Crosscheck Portfolio  

A professional photographer is very much expected to meet you equipped with their professional portfolio collections. Make sure not to take your decision exclusively based on the classiness of their online portfolio photographs which could be tricky. So, go through the photo albums they bring with them and ensure if that really impressive.  

  • Communication and Sociability 

Professional wedding photographer galway Ireland needs to possess a high degree of social and communication skills that help them to interact with the couples as well as their family members and guests in a free, friendly, and relaxing way. Especially during the session of traditional photo snapshots they should make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera and help avoid self-consciousness that typically affects the appeal of the photograph. 

  • Cost and Terms 

This is the final part of your searching journey. After all the discussion is over, check the wedding photographers galway prices should need to be given officially. If everything is found okay and the price appears budget-friendly too, and the professional looks confident to convert your big day ever- memorable with the best deliverables then finalize the deal. 

Conclusion – find your best wedding photographer in Galway 

Since Galway has wonderful wedding venues packed with traditional to stylish hotels on deciding the most suitable setting deepening on your requirements and budget, you can rely on wedding photographer Galway recommended venues.     

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Pawel Szustak – your wedding photographer in Galway and other counties

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