Wedding in Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick

Wedding at Limerick – the romantic wedding of Niamh and Thomas

I was so happy to visit Limerick again. It is one of my favorite places in Ireland, and I have many fond memories associated with it. I had come to cover a wedding in Limerick. When Niamh and Thomas informed me that they were getting married in Limerick, the city where their romance bloomed, naturally, I was elated. I welcomed the chance to visit it and capture its beauty in my camera.

The wedding of Niamh and Thomas – a simple affair

Niamh and Thomas make an interesting couple. They are simple, romantic, young, and fun-loving. It is so hard to suppress laughter when you are with them. So, I was looking forward to shooting their wedding in Limerick.

The couple didn’t ask me to follow any particular style. They wanted their wedding album to be romantic and journalistic style.

So, I began with a shot of the wedding venue, the great Castletroy Park Hotel. Here are a few customary shots of the wedding gown and accessories to fire your curiosity.  As you can see, Niamh chose a white gown and white accessories for her special day. The flower bouquet added colors to her attire, uplifting her entire look.  Here is she, busy with her makeup artist, giving the final touch to her makeup. Did you notice her smile? So innocent yet gorgeous? Her eyes always do a lot of talking, so I captured them through a mirror. For me, this was the shot that defined the wedding album. Her friends had a great time getting ready together and gave many memorable shots.

In the meantime, Thomas was also putting on his wedding attire along with a few good men.  He chose to complement Niamh’s white dress with a blue striped suit. 

Wedding in Castletroy Park Hotel

The moment had arrived. Niamh and Thomas sat together at their wedding venue, chitchatting and laughing together. I imprisoned those moments so that when they see the album, they can relive those light-hearted moments. They took their wedding vows and sealed them with a kiss. Their friends and family cheered and blessed the newlywed couple.

Castletroy Park Hotel has a sprawling garden with flowering shrubs. There are so many romantic spots here to take photos. I didn’t miss this opportunity and took several photos of the newlywed couple here. 

Niamh and Thomas met at the University of Limerick, so they wanted to visit the place and take a few photos there. Since it was a sunny and beautiful day, we visited the university and captured several shots of the couple as they roamed around. With plenty of sunlight and a lush green backdrop, these photos have come out well. The bridesmaids and groomsmen also joined us for a memorable photoshoot. I did not ask the gang to pose for us. All the snaps are natural and depict how they enjoyed the day.

The guests had gathered at the party venue to wish the couple. So, we headed back to the hotel. The cake looked delicious. The couple danced and enjoyed the wedding speeches. Their friends also joined them on the dancing floor, letting their hair down, and enjoying the ambiance.

Look at the photos, how the young people got carried away by the music and danced to their hearts’ content. It was so exciting to capture their expressions through my lenses.

As the Limerick wedding photographer, I had a great time shooting this album. I feel blessed to know Niamh and Thomas and will always remember their wedding. Please join me to wish the couple a loving and happy married life.

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