Wedding in Castle Dargan, Sligo

For me as Sligo wedding photographer it was a gorgeous day for the wedding of Emily and Stephen. The weather was perfect – neither too sunny nor overly cloudy, which is apt for taking photos. I was eager to commence with the photo shoot of this lovely, happy-go-lucky couple. Emily had told me that their friends and family are important to them so they are highly valued, and I knew I had a challenging task ahead as a wedding photographer. However, that didn’t dampen my excitement in any way!

Getting ready for the big day…

I started with a few shots of Stephen getting ready at his parents house in Grange. As you can see, he looks dapper and confident while putting on his tie, while his bestman lends a helping hand with his attire. He wore a grey suit and contrasted it with a blue waistcoat – he looked really suave and handsome. I took a candid of him laughing and talking with the other groomsmen, and one of the entire wedding party posing on the stairs and another one of them standing outside, ready to experience the wonderful day ahead.

Emily was decking up in the Castle Dargan Hotel, which was the wedding venue as well. I couldn’t help but take a photo of the rings – they were simple, sans any over-the-top embellishments, yet elegant and beautiful. The wedding bouquet was colorful as the bride had chosen her flowers with a lot of thought and care. I took a few pictures of Emily getting her hair done – it was a stunning updo with curly strands playfully framing her face. Her bridesmaids were in a jubilant mood as they got ready. I just have to mention the cute flower girls in their pretty peach gowns, eager to contribute to this day in their own way!

Emily’s wedding gown was much like her rings – subtle yet striking. It was a sleeveless gown with a slim stone studded belt across the middle and a plunging V in the back. As she posed after putting on her veil, and carrying the bouquet, the picture looked incredibly attractive. The flowers added vibrancy to the all-white attire. 

Right before the wedding…

The venue was decorated with simple floral arrangements but was quite eye-catching. As you can see, the little ones are walking dutifully down the aisle with their flower baskets – they look endearing! As Emily strides along with her parents, Stephen is absolutely beaming as she takes those final steps to stand beside him. They held hands as they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes throughout the ceremony, and the moment they kissed after the priest pronounced them as “man and wife” was just priceless! The guests burst into a round of applause at the sweet display of love and passion as the remarkable couple began the journey for the next chapter in their lives.

Post wedding photo shoot…

After a few poses with friends and family inside the church, Stephen and Emily stepped out as a couple, while the guests good-humoredly hurled confetti as them. The pictures are glorious as the groom and bride are all smiles for the camera – don’t they look just marvelous? I wanted to take some shots along the coast, but it was quite windy, so I had to make do with a few, but the great light and breathtaking views on the Forest Benbulben Walk more than made up for it. I mixed it up with candids and posed shots – the couple’s enthusiasm was truly infectious, and I really enjoyed taking the pictures. Their love clearly shines through! Now I understand what Emily meant when she described them as a couple who loved and supported each other through thick and thin.

The fun times are just starting…

The guests are smiling as they wait for the newlyweds to return – I captured a few random shots to portray the happiness and joy emanating all around. A Sligo wedding is never complete without some mouth-watering sweet treats – as you can see they are enticingly displayed here! The arrangements for the banquet are lavish and every minute detail has been carefully looked over as you can see.

The wedding party was in no mood to stop having fun when it comes to posing for the camera. After a few pictures with the couple posing with bridesmaids and groomsmen, they jumped into the golf carts and had a gala time. If I had to choose some pictures from this set as favorites, it would be the ones of Stephen carrying Emily over his shoulder, the groom being held high by the bride and bridesmaids, and the bride receiving the same treatment from the groomsmen. The speeches by the maid of honor and best man had everyone laughing and becoming emotional at the same time.  

As the day progressed, Emily decided to trade her dainty slippers for a comfortable option – ankle length boots! Stephen is already a caring husband as he helps his wife take off slippers and put on the boots. The overall look of the wedding gown with the boots was quirky yet amusing. The swing set made for an awesome backdrop in the lush green gardens just beside the venue. I took several shots using the swing – the setting was magnificent.

Time to enjoy the reception and let their hair down…

Now it was time for the reception! The couple is literally surrounded by “LOVE” from near and dear ones. The band was all ready to rock the evening, as Emily and Stephen had their very first dance as a married couple. They waltzed intimately on the floor as guests gazed adoringly at them! The songs were peppy and fun, and before long everyone was eager to shake a leg and show off crazy dance moves. As you can see, they had a blast dancing to the tunes belted out by the band!

I had the most fabulous time covering their wedding. Here’s wishing Emily and Stephen all the very best for a happy married life!

Makeup – Ann Young Beauty Salon
Hair – Catharinegormleyhairdressing
Dress – Mcelhinneysbridal
Flowers- Annette Coleman
Cake- Cakerise

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