Wedding in Sligo Park Hotel

Wedding of Ustane and Michael
in Sligo – when love and music blended to create magic

Most of the time we don’t know what will touch our hearts and find a permanent place in them. As a Sligo wedding photographer, I meet so many people and take memorable photos. I visit beautiful places, see grand buildings, and witness rich traditions but it takes small things to make me smile. The same happened while shooting the wedding of Ustane and Michael. Let me share their album and wedding story with you.

Wedding of Ustane and Michael

Our couple, Ustane and Michael are from Sligo. They got married at the Sligo Park Hotel. A lot of actions happened before that and as an Irish wedding photographer, I was glad to witness the holy union of this lovely couple.

Michael stayed at Crozon Inn Restaurant along with his groomsmen. They were quite sporting and didn’t mind posing for me. They relaxed while drinking and it was a good opportunity for me to take their candid photos.

Michael was already dressed for the occasion. He looked smart and confident in this blue suit. He is a guy with a good heart. Are you getting impatient to meet the bride? Let’s move to her house.

Ustane was getting ready in her parents’ house. It was a nice and cosy home with wonderful people who have come to witness her marriage.

The scene here was just opposite to what we saw at Michael’s place. The house was full of her relatives, their kids, and bridesmaids. The kids were busy playing and enjoying their time and their innocence was heart-touching. This is what we were referring to at the beginning of this blog. We witnessed so many heartfelt moments here that we felt blessed as wedding photographer in Ireland.

A simple and memorable wedding

Ustane is a beautiful woman. She has a heart of gold and that’s what makes her so gorgeous. She is very emotional and we loved to capture her emotions when she was reading the letter sent by Michael. It was evident that they share a strong bond and that made this wedding so special for us. The bridesmaids also showered her with gifts and their loving gesture overwhelmed Ustane.

It’s time for some customary shots and so you can see the wedding gown, a pretty white one that made Ustane look ethereal.

The wedding was an emotional affair and I tried to depict the emotions in my photos. The best shots of this Sligo wedding album are taken at Hazelwood Forest Park. We wanted to take a few intimate shots of the newlywed couple and visited the park. Unfortunately, it started raining but Michael and Ustane were so spirited that they gave me some of the most romantic shots here.

Ustane is a good singer and she made the wedding reception memorable by singing her favourite songs. Her voice dripped in love and joy made the evening magical.

Enjoy this Irish wedding album and join me to bless the couple. I wish them a happy and joyful married life.

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