Irish Wedding in Castle Dargan, Sligo

Wedding of Ursula and Ronan – an emotional affair that transcends time

Relaxed. In control. There was such a nice and loving vibe that we would always remember the wedding of Ursula and Ronan, two of the most fantastic persons I have ever met as a wedding photographer. Let me view their Sooey Church wedding photographs and find out how the big day rolled out for them.

Raising the curtain in Castle Dargan

Ursula and Ronan were put up in Castle Dargan Hotel to get ready for their wedding. They were accompanied by their friends and close relatives. Of course, they had a nice time and I got plenty of opportunities to catch those moments. 

I deviated from the usual norm and began the wedding album with the groom. Ronan, handsome, witty, and friendly was a game for us. I shot him while he was getting ready. Impeccably dressed in his suit, I have taken some of the shots in black and white to capture Ronan’s charm.

Ursula is a charming lady. Pretty with a gorgeous smile, she loves to enjoy life. On her wedding also, she had a great time with her bridesmaids. I have some photos of her bonding with them.

Wedding at the Sooey Church – a grand union of heart and soul

Sooey Church was ready to welcome the would-be bride and groom. Celebration was in the air as Ursula and Ronan exchanged their rings and pronounced the wedding vows. As their wedding photographer, I was there to capture all the precious moments.  The relatives and the guests of the couple were overjoyed. We decided to head back to the hotel for more celebration but stole a few moments with the couple as they decided to get closer. We found a nice spot beside the golf field to take some memorable photos of the couple. Candid but romantic, these snaps express the chemistry Ronan and Ursula share. The groomsmen and bridesmaids also joined us and we were more than happy to get photos of the entire gang together. 

The wedding party was attended by all. There was exuberance and a longing that everybody could feel. The wedding speeches rightly captured the mood. They were emotional and at the same time funny. They moved everyone to tears. I found people laughing and crying at the same time which made us realize the value of emotions.

Ursula and Ronan are lucky to have found each other. I wish their love blooms with each passing day. Join us in wishing them a happy married life.

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