Sharon & Michael Small Garden Wedding

A simple and fun wedding

Getting a chance to shoot a wedding in a 200-year-old country house is rare, and so, when Sharon and Micheal revealed their wedding venue, I knew we were lucky. I loved shooting their outdoor wedding in an idyllic setting.

Shooting the wedding album at old house felt like a gust of spring air – fresh, energizing, and liberating.

Who needs artificial decoration when nature comes forth to adorn your wedding venue? Although simple, I find the shot of the gigantic tree with the chairs arranged in rows beneath it quite striking. Sharon and Micheal had told us that they planned a simple and intimate wedding with only a handful of close friends.

While photographing their wedding, I was touched by the simplicity of the couple. True to their words, they had kept everything low-key but very touching. From the gin joint to the wedding attire, from the wedding bouquet to the table decoration, everything looked very pretty and genuine.

Are you getting impatient to see the bride and groom? So here is Sharon getting ready for her big day. Her friends helped her put on her wedding gown, and as their wedding photographer, I took several photos of their camaraderie. I cannot have the bride stealing all the limelight :). So, here is Micheal with his groomsmen. I captured him in a contemplative mood looking outside the window. Was he dreaming about his bride? 

Sharon looked elegant in her white wedding outfit. The colorful flower bouquet added the necessary vibrancy to these shots. I took photos of Sharon against the big windows to use the clear blue sky and the canopy of trees as the backdrop. Black and white photos are the best to depict emotions or to create a strong impression. Hence, I always keep a few shots in black and white and have done so with Sharon’s photos also. 

The guests had already assembled, and Micheal looked impatient, waiting for his bride. As Sharon walked in, the place got illuminated with her bright smile and warm presence. The bride and the groom took the wedding vows and sealed them with a kiss. Their friends cheered and blessed the newlywed couple. 

We could see how happy Sharon and Micheal were from the way they kissed and hugged each other. As their wedding photographer, I captured all these emotionally poignant moments through my lenses.

The country house had a plush garden, and we found a few spots to shoot intimate shots with the newlyweds. Sharon glowed with happiness and looked gorgeous in these snaps. I took several snaps of the couple in front of the big house. I also used the posh interiors as a backdrop for our shots.

We wish Sharon and Micheal a happy and fulfilling married life. May their days be filled with laughter and joy.

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