Engagement Session at Rosses Point Beach, Sligo

Pre-wedding session at Rosses Point Beach – when love beckons

What’s the best thing about love? You get someone to hold on to for your entire life. When I met David and Paige I could feel the power of love and how it binds people together. David and Paige hail from two different countries which are quite distinct in their cultures also. Yet, the cultural differences could not prevent them from falling in love. David is from Ireland while Paige is an American. They live in America but decided to get married in Ireland and so I, from Sligo photographer, shot their pre-wedding album at the Rosses Point Beach.

Blooming love at Rosses Point Beach

This is one of the most picturesque beaches in Ireland. Rosses Point Beach offers great views of the Benbulben Mountain. With mountains and sea coming together to create a lovely backdrop, we chose this location to film the engagement session of David and Paige.  

David and Paige are simple people who know how to enjoy life. They wanted their prewedding photo album to look real, simple, and romant

So, you can see the couple, basking in love and glowing in each other’s company on Rosses Point Beach. 

Prewedding photo shoot of David and Paige

The couple didn’t want to go overboard and hence chose casual outfits. While Paige wore an overcoat to beat the chill, David adorned a purple pullover to add colors to the photos. Together, they rocked.

They walked on the beach hand in hand, chatted, embraced each other and enjoyed being together. They explored the entire beach, stood on its edges, and had a lovely time. I clicked all these moments to craft a romantic prewedding album for them. I hope they would watch it for years and feel how wonderful the journey has been for themselves.

The photos depict how happy the couple is. They also reflect their chemistry and how they enjoy each other’s company. David and Paige cracked jokes, laughed together and lit up the environment with their love and warmth. You can check the photos to see how beautiful they look together. 

To add variety to the album, we took a few shots from the distance to give you a glimpse of the surrounding also. The Benbulben Mountain, covered with fog looked so mystical at the background.

I wish David and Paige a loving life ahead. May their paths be lighted with joy and happiness.

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