Lovely Wedding at Mount Falcon, Ballina

Wedding at Mount Falcon – Margaret and Robert tied the knot in a classic style

Simple, romantic, and close to the heart, that’s how I will describe the wedding of Margaret and Robert. They got married at the Mount Falcon wedding venue in Ballina. I loved Margaret’s house with the white walls and a green lawn surrounding it. I decided to begin the wedding album with its photo. Margaret must be having a lot of memories associated with.

You must be eager to meet the bride and so I present her with the customary shots of the wedding gown, accessories, and getting ready for the D-day. It would be an understatement to call Margaret beautiful. With her fair complexion, suave body, and a gorgeous smile, she can steal anyone’s heart. She wore an intricately designed white gown that accentuated her features and made her look like a diva. There’s one particular shot in which you can see her parents looking at her in the wedding attire. The look on their face expresses the love and admiration they have for their daughter. 

Wedding at Mount Falcon

The regal look of the Mount Falcon wedding venue will impress everyone. Have a look at the towering building and the sprawling lawns that give it a vibrant appearance.

Robert was at the wedding venue, waiting for his bride. The young and handsome groom had a nice time with his friends. After Margaret reached the venue, I did a little photoshoot with her.

Do you want to see the wedding venue? It was meticulously decorated as you can see from these photos. Candles, flowers, bottles of drinks, and the guests, everybody was eagerly waiting for the bride who walked down the aisle with her father.

The wedding was short and a private affair with only a few relatives and friends attending it. It was heart-touching to see many of them wiping tears when Robert kissed his bride. I am lucky that I could capture these moments in the wedding album. I am sure whenever the couple will see these images, their hearts will fill up with love and gratitude.

It was celebration time and so we decided to use the picturesque wedding venue to capture the newlywed couple in a lighter mood. Have a look at the couple shots amidst the greenery with Mount Falcon at the backdrop. These photos have a timeless appeal and will continue to invoke love and romance in the couple’s hearts. The bridesmaids also joined in adding more charm to our frames.

With the wooden floor, classic décor style, and a rich luxurious feeling, we found several great spots in Mount Falcon to take some magical photos of the couple.

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