Laura and Fergal – Wedding Story, Landmark Hotel, Carrick on Shannon

Laura and Fergal
Wedding story: 31-03-2017

I love to photograph weddings – it is my passion to document the beginning of this journey filled with happiness and a myriad of joyful emotions. The wedding of Laura and Fergal was my 2nd assignment. I met the wonderful couple when I did a short photo session with them back in August 2016. They were pleased with my work so they gave me the green light while they were looking for a wedding photographer.

And it begins…

A huge thanks to them as they decided to hire me as their wedding photographer – I am truly honored! Fergal chose to get ready in their house, which he shares with Laura. The best man and another groomsman gave him company. Laura opted to get ready in her parent’s house – this day being one of the most significant ones in her life, so she wished to be in the place she spent her childhood in. Her brother was one of the groomsmen and stayed by her side the entire time.

Before the curtain call

Fergal looked extremely handsome and dapper in this three-piece suit – his lean frame accentuated the waistcoat, which he carried off with style and élan. He wore a white tie while the other groomsmen went for a bit of color and wore light blue and pink ones. Their pocket squares were synchronized with the shade of the ties – a great idea as it enhanced their overall outfits perfectly. I wanted to get a few solo pictures before the hullabaloo began. Since it was their wedding day, no matter how long a couple has been together, they will get a tad nervous – to be precise they do get butterflies in their stomach before officially sealing a lifelong commitment to one another!

The dashing groom

That is why I wanted him to relax and smile naturally at the camera. Artificial or forced smiles never have the same effect and I didn’t really want to implement any fancy editing techniques here. I am of the firm belief that weddings need to be documented as naturally as possible. The ceremony was the St. Patrick Church in Drumshanbo – it was a beautiful place away from the hustle bustle of the city. The seclusion is what attracts you from the very first glimpse. The church itself is striking with its vintage vibe and peaceful ambience.  As you can see, Fergal looks happy and confident as he poses for me. I decided on a few candid clicks mixed with some where he is posing. Since he is quite tall, I wanted to show off his stature in the best way possible. The sprawling grounds and landscape forms an excellent background so you can see him in his glory.

The beautiful bride

The bride is no less – Laura has amazing taste as you can see from the gorgeous white gown she has chosen. Her silhouette looks perfect. Laura is practically glowing – her joy is reflected in her smile as she beams for the camera.

A wedding is undoubtedly the most special and memorable day someone’s life. That is why I invest loads of effort to make it beautiful and unforgettable. Besides the pandemonium of wedding preparations, you might also wonder the best way to capture those lovely moments. The greatest challenge is to decide on from the varied and specialized wedding photography – whether to opt for simple pictures or an elaborate coverage. Regardless of whatever style you choose, all you need to do is let me and I will get it done just the way you want!

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