Wedding at Yeats Society, Sligo

Civil wedding of Kelly and Darren – when love gets poetic

There is a great power in simplicity. No matter how much we ignore, but it is the simple things that matter most to us. A few simple things can make life so beautiful. Love. Companionship. Smiles. Yes, these are things that matter most and give us the strength to handle tough situations. We learned this when we met Kelly and Darren, a lovely and warm couple.

Civil wedding of Kelly and Darren

Kelly and Darren are not like the people I usually meet in my daily life as wedding photographer. They are real people who know the true worth of things. They value their feelings over everything else. For their wedding, they didn’t want anything fancy. They chose a civil wedding which was attended by their close relatives and friends. Of course, their children were there, three adorable kids who made the event special for their parents.

Wedding at Yeats Society – a heartfelt event

The Sligo Yeats Society is a memorable place. It is associated with the memories of the great poet Yeats and Kelly and Darren chose it as the venue for their wedding. I decided to capture the glory of the place along with the wedding which was a simple but emotional affair.

For the wedding, Kelly wore a simple white dress. Her daughter with friend, two cute bridesmaids were also dressed in white. However, their bouquets of yellow roses added warmth to the photos. Just look at them smiling and radiating love in the photos.

Kelly is a strong woman. She is emotional and not afraid to show off her feelings. At the wedding, she enjoyed every moment, soaking in their beauty and cherishing them forever. 

Darren is a handsome guy. He is patient, compassionate and dedicated to his family. 

The wedding was a private event. There were so many poignant moments like the children hugging their parents, the relatives wishing Kelly and Darren, the couple lighting up the candles and sharing the first kiss. Their son played the musical instrument making the event more memorable.

We all wanted a break and so headed towards Rossess Point for some photo shooting. With such candid people, the photos came out so natural and emotional. We witnessed a completely different scenario at the Harry’s Pub. The guests enjoyed the beer and snacks. Kelly and Darren also had a great time taking photos, bonding with their dear ones and making some lovely memories. I took a few photos in black and white to highlight the emotions.

A close family affair, a wedding sans grandeur but made special with only love and companionship, seldom we witness such a holy union of souls. We wish all the best to the couple and their children.

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