Wedding at Glenlo Abbey Hotel, Galway

Wedding album of Konrad and Giedre – a simple and heart-touching affair

A wedding is a union of two souls. It is the ultimate celebration of life with promises of a loving tomorrow. It’s actually the beginning of forever. Yes, with a wedding begins a journey of togetherness, love, happiness, and cheer that transcends time and space. We realized this truth at the wedding of Konrad and Giedre at Glenlo Abbey Hotel Galway Ireland. You may wonder that as wedding photographers we cover many weddings then what made this wedding album so different? Well, you can find the answer in the photos itself. Let’s not waste any time and see this unique wedding album.

The wedding album of Konrad and Giedre

We have begun the album with a shot of the bride and the groom in an intimate pose. The glow on the face of Giedre proves that Konrad must be saying something romantic to her. The snap is actually taken in the Pullman restaurant. We will share details about this unique restaurant later on.

You are eager to know about the couple, right? Well, the first photo gives a good idea of their relationship. Sorted, mature, playful, and romantic, Giedre and Konrad make a remarkable couple. They have their priorities set and know the value of the things they own. To them, their relationship is the most prized possession and they wanted to celebrate it in private. To savor every moment of their wedding, they chose a quaint location like the Glenlo Abbey Hotel. They invited only a couple of friends to witness the holy union and made sure that every moment of it is being captured to cherish for their lives. They tied the knot in a civil ceremony without any ostentatious display.  

We have not followed the usual pattern of filming wedding albums. Relaxed and going with the flow, we let the moments unfurl and simply arrested them in our camera.

It was winter, dark and gloomy. Still, I have used natural and ambient light to capture the wedding in my camera. Since the couple chose a low-key event, I also maintained that spirit by choosing to go natural. Without any artificial light, the photos have come out so candid, capturing the true emotions that made the moments so memorable.

So, here we have a wedding album full of lovely, real, emotional photos that will always make the couple smile when they look back at it. Even we also view them while reliving the lovely memories.

Giedre and Konrad – a loving couple

Giedre and Konrad chose Glenlo Abbey Hotel as their wedding venue. It was the perfect location to host such a warm and intimate affair. The impressive structure of the hotel with its richly decorated rooms and great service made the wedding perfect. I was happy to shoot the wedding album against the luxurious backdrop of the iconic hotel.

Giedre and Konrad stand out as a couple. I have intentionally shared a romantic photo of the couple, in the beginning, to give you a hint of the chemistry they share between them. You can see the rings they have got for each other and how Konrad was getting ready for the big event. Tall, well-built with a warm smile, he is the guy everyone loves to meet. Giedre is a lucky girl.

While Konrad was enjoying with his friend, Giedre was also having a nice time. They didn’t have the customary group of bridesmaids and groomsmen but only a couple of good friends who stood by their side throughout the day.

Giedre is a remarkable lady. I wanted to write separately on her and so didn’t introduce her in the beginning. Look at her first single photo of the album where she is seen holding a glass. She is mature, down-to-earth, has her priorities sorted and extremely fashionable. She is not afraid to be herself. She stands out always with her choices and this is evident from the wedding dress she selected for herself. A simple dress in white with a gold sequined top made her look ethereal. With minimum accessories and her short and curly hair framing her pretty face, she looked so serenely charming. She is a photographer’s delight and as her wedding photographer, we were lucky to capture her beauty in our lenses.

I captured a few photos of her getting ready. Of all the single photos there is one in which Giedre is standing in front of a window with the sunlight streaming against her body. This one is my personal favorite. As a Sligo photographer, I will always feel proud of this shot.

Her friend joined her for a drink and some chats. Together, they had some fun. Giedre’s friend is a lovely lady. She wore a simple but stylish dark colored dress. We have captured these scenes too.

Giedre can change her mood very swiftly. From serene to playful to naughty, we saw many shades of her character that day. We didn’t miss the chance to arrest these moments in our camera so that both Giedre and Konrad can enjoy them later on.

The ring ceremony was a simple one. After the vows were exchanged, the newlywed couple and their friends sat together for a drink. We caught our couple stealing glances and sharing sweet-nothings.

After the civil ceremony, it was time to take photos of the newlywed couple. We did this session at several spots in the hotel. There is one such cheerful shot taken in front of the richly decorated Christmas tree. 

Black and white photos look timeless. They capture emotions perfectly. That’s why we have taken a few photos in black and white. Check the one where both Giedre and Konrad are sitting in front of a piano with Giedre looking at him. Such an expressive face! Together they played their favorite songs. 

Celebration at the Pullman restaurant at Glenlo Abbey Hotel

Another unique thing that the couple did was to celebrate the wedding at the Pullman restaurant. This is a one-of-its-kind restaurant that is set in two original carriages of the Orient Express. Complete with wood paneling and antique lace curtains, the Pullman restaurant has preserved the bygone era beautifully.

We have taken a long shot of the restaurant to give you a view of the carriages. 

Once inside, Konrad and Giedre spent a few moments together. It was fun to see the waiter dressed fully as a ticket checker. He even had tickets with him. When requested, he gladly posed for our camera. 

The couple along with their guests had a nice time in the restaurant. They dined, had long chats and even romanced each other. We captured Konrad and Giedre sharing a few private moments inside the restaurant.

The day came to an end. We took one last shot outside the restaurant where Konrad embraced Giedre from behind. The light played on Giedre’s face, illuminating her perfect features. The romantic look on her face will linger in our minds for a long time. As a Sligo photographer, I am happy that I could use my skill and creativity to take this supreme shot.

From Sligo, we wish Konrad and Giedre a very happy married life. Let their love multiply with time and they enjoy their togetherness always. 


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