Irish Wedding in Westport Woods Hotel

Wedding of Sheila and Eamon – the union of a lifetime

Shooting a wedding in summer comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, you can shoot outdoors taking full benefit of the landscape while the hot weather may play a spoilsport. The same happened at the Westport Woods Hotel wedding of Sheila and Eamon. 

Wedding of Sheila and Eamon – a loving couple

 Some people exude so much love and warmth that you cannot help but love them in return. Sheila and Eamon are such people. They are warm, full of life and know how to enjoy themselves. They tied the holy knot amidst their friends and relatives on 31st May. It was a magnificent event and everybody enjoyed. Sheila and Eamon are blessed with three daughters who graced the occasion. 

The wedding was held at the spacious Westport Woods Hotel, a charming place with its own private woodland. It was a hot day and the civil ceremony was organized outside.

As Sligo photographer, I had a lovely day to capture the couple and their wedding.

Wedding photography of Sheila and Eamon

i didn’t ask anyone to pose for the camera. I wanted to keep things as candid as possible. Thus, you would see the bride and the groom in natural shots, smiling, giggling, and enjoying the most memorable day of their life.

I’m very happy with group photo of the newlyweds along with their daughters and the groomsmen and bridesmaids. It’s a simple photo and yet poignant enough to make anyone walk down the memory lane. Since the wedding venue had a lot of greenery, I try to give a natural touch to the photos.

Sheila and Eamon deserved some extra attention and I caught them on camera along with the wedding bouquet. I also captured the wedding in detail. You can witness all the memorable moments like Sheila and Eamon walking down the aisle, Sheila reading her wedding vows, and Eamon giving the wedding speech. 

We used the woodland as a natural backdrop to capture the couple in their romantic mood. Sheila dazzled in her white off-shoulder gown. Her smile revealed how happy she was. Eamon looked enamored by her. The kids were too happy to be with their parents. Together, they make the perfect family.

I have taken a few shots in black and white also to highlight the emotions. With the groomsmen cracking jokes and the bridesmaids giggling like anything, there were plenty of funny moments.

A romantic wedding like this required a romantic first dance and Sheila and Eamon surprised everyone by dancing to “The One”.

Short, simple, and romantic, we would remember the wedding of Sheila and Eamon for long.

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