Wedding in Castle Dargan Venue, Sligo

Castle Dargan wedding of Danielle and Steve – let love rule the world

My another wedding in Castle Dargan wedding venue.

As a photographer, my work is to take photos so that people can relive the moments. Photos and videos allow us to enjoy the good times, share the pleasure, and feel the emotions which are impossible to reproduce. We love the way people recount their memories when they see old albums. Every family has a few albums that they treasure. However, we do our job with a sense of detachment to bring perfection but at times, our own emotions betray us. This is what happened when during the wedding of Dannielle and Steve. I got carried away while shooting this wedding album. Do you want to know the story? Let us see the wedding album and I will share the story also.

Dannielle and Steve Sligo wedding

Here is the wedding album of Dannielle and Steven that took place in Castle Dargan. The weather was sunny and I just loved the sky. The album begins with a delightful shot of the sky. Our groom, Steve looked more than happy while getting ready for the big day. You can see him in a crisp white shirt looking very handsome. The groomsmen were getting ready too with him at the Castle Dargan Hotel. They posed for me and if you think they are looking too sober and quiet, just wait for them to get into their elements!

Meanwhile, check out the wedding rings as the men head towards the bar for a couple of drinks. Check out their photos, pouring the drinks and enjoying their time. They were loosening up, sharing jokes, and getting into the wedding mood.

Are you getting impatient to see the bride? Let’s find out what Dannielle is doing. She was put up in her mother’s house along with her girlie gang. Their photos will tell you that they also had a great time together. Cracking jokes, posing with the bouquets, applying makeup and having drinks, the best way to spend the morning before the wedding!

I took the customary shots of the wedding gown and the accessories to give you a hint of Dannielle’s sense of style. She is not only a beautiful lady but very warm also. Her smile reflects her pure soul. I never missed the chance to capture her charm. You can see her snaps and appreciate that she looks so radiant with her warm smile and beautiful eyes. With her gorgeous look, she rightfully was the center of attraction on her wedding day.

What’s a wedding without some banter? I found out the little girls, all dressed up for the wedding and still playing in the garden. Those natural shots are what we know you will treasure for your lifetime. The innocence showed on their faces and I simply love these photos.

Of course, there were a few emotional moments like when Dannielle’s mom saw her daughter in the wedding gown or when her brother came forward to help her to wear the bracelet.

Before leaving for the wedding, we took a group photo, just like the old days. I know, for years, everyone will look at this photo and lovingly remember the day and all the sweet memories that made it special. As a wedding photographer, I wait for these moments to occur.

Wedding in Sligo – when love unites the hearts

The wedding was held at the Sligo Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. It’s an old place, we knew it thoroughly being local and took some lovely photos of the colossal building. The old structure with its spires and intricately designed walls create a somber atmosphere. 

The relatives and friends were already waiting for the bride and groom in the church. Steve looked quite impatient. In her white gown and elegant accessories, Danielle looked like a princess. The bride and the groom took the wedding vows in front of the lord. Look at these snaps and you will know how romantic the ambiance was. 

Danielle and Steve are simple at heart. They are jovial, romantic, and easily mix up with people. It was easy to shoot their wedding album.

As a wedding photographer, I prefer to experiment with mine art. Using black and white shots, mixing different styles and trying new angles always make the wedding albums look outstanding. So, you will find a few shots in black and white in this album too. There is one image of the bride’s feet only as she descends the stairs. I found it quite meaningful as she was walking towards a new life.

Let’s gets back to the couple who was enjoying the newly married status. After the wedding, I asked them to pose for my camera and they gave some excellent shots. I love Castle Dargan for many reasons. The place has many lovely spots to take photos. Along with the bride’s women and groomsmen we took some great snaps. The towering building acted as a perfect backdrop to these photos. We also went to the fields to take a few photos of the newlywed couple. A few shots are done in black and white to give them a timeless look.

In the meantime, the Castle Dargan was preparing for the wedding reception. It was a gala party with drinks, delicious food, and a huge cake. But we will come to that later on. I took several other photos of the couple so that they can lovingly remember their Castle Dargan wedding venue.

I know you want to see photos of the reception. Here are they. The guests enjoyed the party. There were emotional wedding speeches that made Dannielle cry. The food was yummy as we saw the guests enjoying themselves.

However, we want to finish the Sligo wedding album with something special. Castle Dargan is my favorite wedding venue because it has some picturesque spots. But it is memorable to me for another reason too.

We decided to do a romantic photo shoot and headed towards the golf field. It is a lovely place with rolling meadows, flowering trees, and cozy nooks. I asked Danielle and Steve to be themselves so that I can take some candid photos and they did exactly the same. In the natural light of the setting sun, these photos have come out so splendid. Together, they look so happy. I loved the shades of the sky and tried to capture them through my lenses. Another memorable thing we did was taking a buggy to reach there. It was fun riding one after ages. The couple also enjoyed the ride. 

Remember, in the beginning, I wrote about getting nostalgic about this wedding album? Let me explain now. The Castle Dargan is the place where I shot my first wedding photos. So, this place holds a special place in my heart. I always think of that first wedding photography assignment and how far I have come to date. It was nice visiting the place and reliving those memories. 

The couple liked the place. They roamed around as I took their photos. You can see these photos at the end of the album.  They will surely fill your heart with love and hope. I believe you enjoyed watching this album as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Please join me in wishing Danielle and Steve a happy married life ahead. May all their wishes come true.

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