Cawley’s Guesthouse Sligo Wedding

Kerry and Mark’s wedding in Cawley’s – a day of intimacy and memories

Conventional yet distinct; personal yet universal; momentary yet ageless. That’s how I would describe the wedding album of Kerry and Mark and their relationship also. Let me introduce you to this lovely couple and their family as we watch their album from Cawley’s Guesthouse Sligo wedding.

Sligo Tubbercurry Wedding in Cawley’s hotel

After meeting Kerry and Mark, I decided to shoot their wedding conventionally and yet keep everything personal and exclusive. So, I began the album with customary shots of the bride’s wedding gown and her dressing-up scenes but quickly moved on to include photos of the kids and how they got ready for the big day. It was heartwarming to see the kids and Kerry helping each other getting ready. These photos testify to the bond they share and also the way they stand for each other.

Kerry is a beautiful lady with a million-dollar smile. Even my camera fell in love with her smile, and it became difficult for me to stop clicking her photos.

The kids were ready; the bride was ready too. So, it is time to visit the wedding venue: Cawley’s Hotel Sligo and check out the decoration. Cawley’s Garden was decorated with flowers and candles. The adornment was simple but very tasteful. You must be wondering about the groom, so here is Mark and his brother with friends, all decked up. I took a few candid shots of them in the garden, chatting and checking out the decoration.

Kerry and Mark had a very personal wedding in the presence of their closest friends and relatives. As they took the wedding vows and exchanged rings, their well-wishers blessed them abundantly. The kids were also present, glowing with happiness.

Mark and Kerry looked happy and relaxed during the Tubbercurry wedding. They enjoyed the day along with the kids and friends.

A romantic photo shoot at Lough Talt in the meantime Tubbercurry Wedding in Cawley’s hotel

Kerry and Mark wanted to spend some time alone. Since the weather was fine, we had decided to do a romantic photoshoot at Lough Talt. We love this place for its scenic beauty. It is the perfect location to film intimate shots of newlywed couples.

I captured the couple getting closer against the greyish blue water of the lake. With the undulating mountains in the background, these photos have come out so well. Take a look at the love birds, lost in each other’s eyes, silently vowing to be together for their entire life.

I took a few black and white photos also to highlight Kerry’s elegance. The clouds started gathering in the sky, casting dark shadows on the lake and making the ambience more romantic. Mark got into a playful mood and kissed Kerry on her cheek. I loved to imprison the shy smile of Kerry in my lenses.

I found more interesting spots to take shots of our couple. Take a look at them, and you would know why we like Lough Talt so much.

Back to the wedding reception at st Cawley’s Guesthouse

I wish Kerry and Mark a happy and blessed married life. I’m sure that together with the kids, they would grow as a family and create many priceless memories. 

Tubbercurry wedding venue: Cawley’s Guesthouse

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