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Wedding of Carly and Keelan – An Irish love story set in Sligo

It was a magical day. A day full of joy and love. A day no one would like to forget. A day of homecoming also. Yes, it was the wedding of Carly and Keelan that saw celebration, enjoyment, and excitement all packed in one.

Irish wedding of Carly and Keelan

The wedding took place at the Clayton Hotel in Sligo – one of the best hotels for weddings in Sligo. So, from Sligo photographer, I was ready to use this opportunity to present the best of Irish wedding photography and give you a glimpse of our hospitality.

I begin the wedding album with a shot of the hotel and then quickly proceed to give you a glimpse of the wedding preparation. Keelan is an Irish from Sligo who had moved to the USA a few years back. He met Carly there and fell in love. For their wedding, they chose Sligo, Keelan’s hometown.

So, Keelan was put up in his parents’ home and got ready there along with his friends. Carly chose Pam&Dex beauty salon which is located in the wedding venue. She had a relaxing time in the salon along with her friends and family. You can see her in the photos, looking gorgeous in her white gown.

The wedding venue, Canis Major, looked cheerful in black, white, and orange. As you can see, the guests are laughing and having a great time there. Do you know why? Martin Duffy, our own showman was hosting the event. With his wit, he ensured everyone had a great time at the wedding. When he took over as the DJ as a Scruffy Duffy, things went crazy. We will come to that later on but now let us watch the wedding ceremony.

Keelan and Carly had a civil wedding witnessed by their close friends and relatives. Later on, we headed to Rosses Point beach for the photo session. As their Irish wedding photographer, I really enjoyed taking photos of this lovely couple. The pale sky, blue sea, and greenery created a striking background for the romantic snaps. 

Now it was time to get back to Clayton Hotel for the reception where Martin Duffy was waiting for us. The evening was marked by hilarious games like lip sync, music, dance, bonding over drinks and a whole lot of fun that is impossible to explain in words. So, as Sligo photographer, I request you to see the photos and find out how everybody enjoyed it.

The wedding of Carly and Keelan was a memorable event for me, the Irish wedding photographer. We wish the couple a happy married life. 

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