Outdoor Wedding in Galway

Garden wedding of Lauren and Martin – you can also plan an outdoor wedding taking inspiration from them

Have you ever wondered that the garden you have been taking care of for years can become your wedding venue? Yes, the patch of land at the back of your house where you spend your free time planting saplings, pruning branches, and watching sunsets is the perfect place to host the most important event of your life.

I recently covered a backyard wedding of Lauren and Martin and was impressed by its simplicity and elegance. Let me show you a few photos from that wedding, and then we will talk about garden weddings.

Garden wedding of Lauren and Martin

When I met Lauren and Martin, I never imagined we would become such good friends :). When discussing wedding photography, Lauren and Martin revealed that they have known each other since their teenage. They have been in love for over fifteen years! Now, doesn’t that sound romantic? They also expressed their desire to have an outdoor wedding.

I assumed they would choose a hotel or a castle to host a grand wedding. However, when Lauren shared that she wanted a garden wedding, I was a little surprised. When I visited her home in Galway, I was convinced that this would become one of the most special wedding albums. Lauren’s mother has a beautiful garden in her backyard. Gardening is her hobby, and she takes good care of her green patch. 

They planned a simple and intimate garden wedding ceremony and reception. As decided earlier, Lauren got ready in her parents’ home, and her mom helped her with the wedding gown. Martin was also in his parents’ house, which is just a few minutes of drive away.

A romantic wedding in the backyard garden

I have begun the wedding album with a shot of Lauren’s home. It’s a pretty place with trees creating a shady effect. Let’s take a look at the decorations now. Lauren and Martin worked hard to decorate the wedding venue. They used freshly cut flowers from the garden to create the floral decorations and also the wedding bouquet. They used simple but handmade objects to decorate the place, and so everything looked unique with their personal touch.

I took several pictures of Lauren when she was putting on her dress. The best shot is the one where I have captured her in the looking glass. Her father was surprised to see his little princess in wedding attire.

Lauren walked down the aisle with her father. Martin and the guests were eagerly waiting for her. They had a small and private wedding amidst a lot of cheer. There was music, blessings, and a few teary-eyed moments too. We also got emotional witnessing the shower of love and warm wishes. 

I was so enamored by the garden that I took several photos of it from different angles. Later on, we went to the bay to shoot the newlywed couple against the sea and hookers. Martin is passionate about sailing and often takes Lauren to sail around the Galway Coast. So, I immortalized their affair by taking photos of the place they love to visit together. I wanted their wedding album to portray their emotional journey from teenage to present times. 

Back home, the reception was a grand one with sumptuous food and drinks (handsomeburger.com). The guests felt at home and chatted over food and music. I winded up the album with a snap of Lauren and Martin in front of a colorful flower bed.

Small garden wedding ideas – why they are a great option

The garden wedding ceremony of Lauren and Martin made me realize that such weddings can be a good choice for couples who want to get married during a pandemic.

As we all know, we are going through a tough time. The ongoing pandemic has upset our lives and made our future uncertain. The COVID restrictions are changing every day, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. 

Couples who have been planning to hire a castle or hotel to tie their knot may have to change their plans if the restrictions get tightened. What would happen to those couples who have already booked a venue and paid for the services? If they have to cancel the bookings for COVID safety rules, they lose a lot of money. They have to compromise with their wedding dreams too.

For all these couples, planning a garden wedding reception is a good idea as it would ensure their safety and also give them a lot of flexibility in planning a memorable wedding. It would help them to abide by the COVID rules and at the same time have a splendid wedding. 

Organizing a wedding in your own backyard comes with a plethora of benefits. 

Benefits of an outdoor wedding

We all know that an outdoor wedding looks gorgeous and can ensure a marvelous experience for everyone. 

You can plan a luxurious wedding where your guests would have a great time. The garden would provide a natural backdrop to make your wedding most elegant.

You can save a lot of money on flowers and decorations. That amount can be used to plan a lavish dinner or get special gifts for your guests. 

A garden can be styled according to your wedding plan without incurring any extra cost. Moreover, outdoor wedding photography looks stunning with all the flowers and natural settings around. I can vouch for this as I was immensely satisfied by the look of the garden. It was natural, organic, and gave me the freedom to capture the emotional moments candidly in my camera.

When you use the same venue for the garden wedding ceremony and reception, you save yourself from a lot of trouble. You don’t have to rush from one place to another, neither have to arrange conveyance for yourself and your guests. You can relax, get ready with ample time in hand, and enjoy the reception along with your guests.

So, if you are planning an intimate outdoor wedding like Lauren and Martin, a garden wedding can be a viable option for you. You need a little inspiration to plan everything and have the most beautiful wedding that everyone will remember for years. Moreover, you would be doing your bit in preserving everybody’s health.

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