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About me

Hi, I am Pawel Szustak. When I was young I used my father’s camera, an old Russian Cmena camera. I grew up and didn’t realize when the hobby has got transferred into a passion. I bought my own camera, a Nikon one and used to take photos of my daughter, family and  friends. Today, I stand at a major juncture of life when I have made my passion my profession and began a new beginning of my life.

My camera, passion for photography and love for stories behind frames has made me a wedding photographer. Stationed at Sligo Ireland, I travel throughout the country for my work.

I hope one day I would get a chance to capture your story through my lenses and create a memorable album that you would treasure for your whole life.

“Don’t let your great moments of life be forgotten. Keep them for yourself and your loved ones forever”

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phone: +353868851282